Blockchain Debit Card Pay Bank

Simple Remittance Flow

With Pay Bank, you can send money with a simple flow

Opening an account or Open Account

Account can be opened by a simple procedure.
Centrally manage all deposits and withdrawals.

Deposit into account

Safe, Fast, Convenient
Cash Management

Transfer to account

Instant payment between Pay Bank
Transfer funds to other bank accounts with SWIFT


Pay Bank cards can be used all over the world

Remittance is safe, fast and convenient 
You can send and receive funds easily and securely no matter where you are.

For travel reservations

Shopping anywhere in the world

Cash out from ATMs around the world

Merchant Account Benefits

Low fee rate

You can easily make payment with your email address and password.

No chargeback risk

Trading funds with Pay Bank is 100% secure.

Automatic transfer function

Merchants (member stores) can automatically transfer funds by using the automatic transfer function.

Pay Bank Column

A column introducing new features, convenient usage, event reports, etc. of Pay Bank

Safe! Fast! Convenient!

Crypto and Fiat
Wallet Pay Bank

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Boost your business with the next gen wallet and its payment functionalities.

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Pay Bank

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